Pastor A. Maestre

I have been actively serving the Lord since I was a child.  I was born in Colombia, South America and my family came to the Lord when I was a child.  I received the Lord as my Savior in my local Church in Baranquillas (Iglesia Cristiana Salem) when I was ten years old. At the age of thirteen I was baptized in waters by Pastor Jorge Vanegas; that same year I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in a crusade with Evangelist Puertas from Caracas, Venezuela.

In 1981, I began playing the drums in my church worship team.  The group was called Salem Music.   The band started as worship team but soon the Lord gave us grace and favor with other ministries, and started to call the group for invitations for crusades, revivals, concerts and conferences everywhere in the North of Colombia.

After playing the drums for more than three years, I started to feel the need to sing for the Lord, the Music Director, Omar Rodriguez, saw and felt the desire and passion that I had for the Lord and gave me the opportunity to start worshiping the Lord through my singing.    A new door was open for my ministry.  I started to worship the Lord through my voice and soon after I started getting invited to many christian events.  Many people came to the Lord by listened that young teenager praising and worshiping the Lord with all he has had.

In 1989, I was invited to a Conference in Puerto Rico to sing and preach.  That same year from Puerto Rico, I was invited to another conference in Miami, Florida to share the Gospel of God.  These invitations changed my ministry forever, that is when I understood, that the Lord wanted something with me He wants me to dedicate my life to His service more and more.   I was certain sure that my call was to be a Worship Minister, but God had other plans for me, beside that one.

In 1990, I moved to New York, and became a member of the Hispanic Church La Sinagoga.  I was part of the worship team, the department of arts, and the youth team.  I also had the opportunity to start taking classes in the Latin-American Bible Institute.  In 1994, my former Pastor Abelardo Berrios, who later on passed away, and then a new Pastor Carmelo Ruperto came to take over and care of our congregation. That is when I met the Pastor Ruperto’s daughter, who became to be my beautiful wife Merari Ruperto, who I have being happily married for the past 12 years; since June 14, 1997.

My wife, Merari is not just the Pastora of our congregation; she is my friend, my companion, my inspiration, my motivation, my comfort, my suitable helper, my partner in life and in this ministry, the one and only that the Lord blessed me with. She is the mother of my two children: Jahdiel and Genesis. She is a nature leader, smart woman, very consistent, focus in life and always looking for the best for her family and those that are in need or need her. We have a strong marriage, base in the Bible, and build on the Rock, that is Jesus Christ.

In 1998, my wife joined the Army, and two year later she was assigned to Fort Gordon, GA.  We became members of the Hispanic Church Oasis de Bendición.  I joined the worship ministry and also I was appointed to be the Youth Pastor.  Dr. Jose L. Serrano was my pastor for a couple of years and he saw the potential and the passion I had for the Lord, he asked me to minister not only to the youth people but also to the church.

In November, 2004, I was ordained as Pastor by Dr. José L. Serrano under our Ministry Oasis de Bendición. A month later I was appointed as the new Senior Pastor in the “Centro Cristiano Oasis de Bendición” (CCOB).  It has been ten years since I was appointed as the Senior Pastor of Oasis de Bendición and the Lord has blessed us in so many ways.  The church has gone through a lot of changes, and God has done wonderful things, Oasis has not only had a revival, but the number of members has triple.  God is doing amazing things in Oasis de Bendición, and I feel so humble that the Lord is allowing me to be part of all this blessings.  We have different ministries that are making the difference in our community. I am so proud to be the Senior Pastor of this wonderful Congregation.

Personal View of Ministry

What the Lord desires to accomplish in our lives,

 is people, sensitive to His Word 

and His Spirit, where He Will lead each calling, 

each plan, and each work.  

We believe that with God’s help and His 

Holy Spirit, men, committed leaders 

with the vision of Evangelism will multiply 

as we embrace the change and 

challenge to preach the Good News of 

Salvation because of the awesome 

love He gave to us first. In the final analysis, 

when we accomplish through 

the Lord what the He has called us to do, 

we will unite people from 

different cities, states and nations of the 

earth and exalt the Name of 

Jesus Christ to the highest.

Pastor E-mail:
Pastora E-mail
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